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1. Pre Training

Gain access to state-of-the-art facilities including the latest GG Treadmill, 800M sand track & water walker.

2. Agistment

We have several large spelling paddocks that are consistently cared for to ensure that only the best feed is available to our horses.  

3. Rehabilitation

Long term injuries can take patience and commitment to ensure the horse is given the best opportunity to return to its pre injury form.   

Our Inspiration

Our father, Barry James has been training horses for over 65 years and we were fortunate to learn from him as we grew up. Dad enjoyed extraordinary success as a hobby trainer and is renowned for his knowledge of horses and passion for their welfare. We inherited his passion and love for the racing industry and were able to learn from one of the best. We are thrilled that the name of our complex, Sylvan Lodge acknowledges dad's dedication and contribution to the racing industry and intend to continue with his legacy and deliver the highest standards of training and care for all of our horses.

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