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Anita Frawley 

Kelly Amoore 

"Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about"

Winston Churchill

Sisters at work

Anita and Kelly grew up with horses, working in their father's racing stables from an early age. They have always been passionate about horses and their wellbeing.

reflects their passion for the industry they have embraced since they were kids.

Sylvan Lodge Equine Centre 

More on Kelly...

Kelly’s has a wealth of experience with horses. Working in her father's racing stables, she spent many hours performing track work, strapping and saddling up horses in preparation for races. Subsequently, Kelly has become experienced in all aspects of thoroughbred training and racing. She is passionate about each and every horse under her care and, like her father, has an uncanny and intuitive ability to detect any small issue arising which could affect the fitness and wellbeing of a horse. Kelly trained alongside her father prior to his retirement and is currently working with Michelle Payne Racing Stables. Kelly resides at the property and is our stable manager.

More on Anita...

Anita worked with thoroughbreds from a young age, progressing to working with dressage horses and pony club with her daughter Danielle. Anita has worked alongside her father since she was young and has developed a strong eye for detail. She combines her passion for horses with advanced business acumen and continues to run an events management business, including having managed the AFL’s premier event, the September Club, for the past 12 years. Anita is responsible for business development and operations, marketing, finance and administration. 

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