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Pre Training

1. Pre Training

At Sylvan Lodge Equine Centre we have all options covered when it comes to getting your horse race-ready. Our clients' horses will have unlimited access to an 800M sand track, the latest GG treadmill and 8 horse walker. We will develop a six week program that will be tailored to the needs, age and fitness level of your horse.

Our pre-trainer, Kelly Amoore, lives onsite so our horses are always under watch and their safety and well being is carefully monitored either directly by Kelly or one of her team. Our complex is monitored by the latest security technology cameras to ensure the safety of our horses.

Upon departure, our horses will be ready for the next step of heading to the track to race.


2. Agistment

We have several large spelling paddocks which are prepared to ensure that only the best feed is available to our horses. Depending on the needs of each individual horse, we work with our clients to determine the type of agistment required.  


From a full service option to increase the bulk of the horse, to the more common type of agistment, which enables horses to rest, recover and completely switch off from racing.  Our complex facilitates all agistment options, depending on the needs of your horse.


3. Rehabilitation

Long term injuries can take patience and commitment to ensure the horse is given the best opportunity to return to its pre injury form. We have several options for rehabilitation, from enclosed boxes to small yards, progressing to smaller paddocks. Along with disciplined planned programs, this will ensure the best recovery for your horses. 

With our team living on the premises, you can be rest assured that your horses remain under constant surveillance and are afforded the best care available. Veterinary guidelines are carefully followed and weekly reports provided to you to ensure the progress of the horses is shared in a timely fashion. 

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